What does UCARRY actually do?

UCARRY provides a tool for you to broadcast your shipping request to the public, in particular using shared economy as leverage. In addition to the general traveller, who would browse our website, UCARRY uses Facebook and Google+ to connect a sender and a carrier in a more effective way. It helps match your request with the people in our network that are most likely to accommodate the favour, by helping to carry your beloved possessions.

Why use our UCARRY service?

If you’ve ever sought out someone you know to be a courier for you, you may have noticed how it’s difficult and annoying to keep asking around, trying to find that friend or even a friend of a friend who can help you. This helps provide a clear communication between you and our vast network.

What about security ?

Since UCARRY requires registration, you have a certain degree of visibility on who’s who. Especially when that person is a Facebook connection. You generally would only deal with people you trust offline, and you should do the same thing here. You are never under any obligation to carry something you’re not totally comfortable with, or not sure about.

What about cross-border shipping, and air travel and stuff, aren’t there like customs or something?

Every country has certain regulations around importing and exporting of goods. To be safe, you should be aware and familiar with those rules in your country. Certain goods could require customs/taxes to be paid, and we don’t encourage you to do anything that might get you in trouble. You are allowed to take things for people, just make sure it’s legit. It’s always in your discretion to follow the rules.

Do I have to pay people to carry my stuff?

Remember, these are your friends or friends of friends, and it’s nice for you to offer them something in exchange for doing you a shipping favour. At this point in time, we have a fixed cost per shipment of $150USD, regardless of the size or weight (carrier willing of course). $100 of that will go directly to the person carrying the package once it reaches the destination.

We will introduce a sliding scale in the future, but initially at least, each shipment will have a fixed cost of $150USD.

Is it with friends only?

UCARRY works on the shared economy concept. Thus, 1st degree friends or 2nd degree friends on Facebook, Google+ and hopefully our platform. By adding an entry in our Send or Carry pages, they can be selected by other individuals wanting some spare change or by someone who wants to send a package in the route in which you are already flying/travelling.

What if there is a dispute at the time of pick-up or drop-off?

There are a few reasons a case can be made.

1. First case would be if the carrier no longer has space in their luggage or they just don't feel like carrying anymore, but a match (thus payment) has already been made. This would result in the carrier getting penalized, and likely banned from carrying again.

2. Second case would be if the carrier isn't comfortable carrying the items because of a genuine security risk. Maybe it's not what the sender described or it's an item the carrier doesn't feel 100% comfortable carrying. This would result in the sender getting penalized, and likely banned from sending again. Further action may be taken based on UCARRY discretion.

In all scenarios, the sender gets a full refund.

All disputes will be assessed on a case by case basis.

What about insurance?

UCARRY will cover the first $100USD for the loss of any particular item. We do offer premium insurance for higher value items through InsureUS, at 1.5% of the declared value.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us here?