From Home page, add your drop off country and hit Send Package. If your desired route exists, it will be listed in the Carry table. Just select Send Package in the right column.

If your desired route does not exist, click Add A Package. You will then be redirected to our Send page, where you can add your entry to our system. A member of our customer services team will be in contact when one of our carriers add a matching route.

Once contact has been made, just remember to email a photo of your item, so the carrier and UCARRY have got this as a reference for the shipment.




To carry a package, click Become a carrier in the header. You will then receive an email detailing your entry. A member of our customer services team will be in contact when someone selects your route to deliver their package.

Just remember to add details as to how much room you have in your baggage and how much available weight you have to carry something. Airlines have size and weight limitations, so be sure to check with them first. Being clear with this is important, so the sender knows if you are suitable to carry their item in the given route.

Why use UCARRY as opposed to another shipping company?

-Peer to Peer delivery service. Communicate directly with the person carrying your package

-One person, one package

-Fast customs clearance

-Meet new people in new cities

-Carriers handle packages with care, as they are included with their own belongings

For more information, please visit our FAQ page




Pricing at the moment is fixed at $150US per shipment. The carrier will get $105USD of that and reimbursed any last mile costs. For certain items with a commercial value, pricing will be similar to other logistics companies; scaled, based on distance and dimensions. Difference being, at UCARRY it will depend on whether the package fits into cabin or check-in luggage. We obviously need to give some incentive to the person carrying, as they will be collecting and hand delivering your items with care, between the agreed pick-up and drop-off locations. Thus the majority of funds will go to them.

For specific pricing information when goods have a commercial value, please click here.


Paypal/Credit - Authorisation amount to be held at time of booking (as a form of deposit), allowing both parties to communicate. Once both parties agree, UCARRY will debit necessary funds. UCARRY will pay traveler only on Drop off.

In case of transit damage or loss, UCARRY will cover the package to a maximum value of $100USD or to declared amount, if under $100USD. For added peace of mind, an optional level of insurance is available, through our partner InsureUS, at 1.5% of the declared value.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.



End to End shipping

To be agreed by the sender and carrier. Whether this means pick-up and drop-off at the airport, drop-off in the CBD, or at the home/office address, this needs to be agreed between the two parties, once the booking has been made.

We are always trying our best to improve the user experience, so for locations outside of main cities, we recommend that upon pick-up, the package is left open, but packed in a way so the carrier can just drop in a post box or at the post office in the destination country. After all, the hard part when customs is concerned is getting shipments into the respective countries. We are also working with local "last mile" courier companies to help deliver within metro areas and even domestically. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@ucarry.it

Other important information

UCARRY have an open box policy. Ultimately, the person travelling has the right to refuse delivery of the package, if he/she is not 100% comfortable. UCARRY calls on the Integrity of the sender when shipping products, thus discretion is left to the person travelling.

For more information on sender / carrier disputes, case studies or penalties, please visit our FAQ page.

UCARRY are a shipping based company and cannot be held responsible for misorders.


Use one of our friendly carriers or if any questions, shoot us an email.